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Category: Small Biz Strategy

3 Keys to Build Your Brand

If I see one more Facebook ad that talks about how to build your “brand” I will engage in primal scream therapy. Building a brand is not hard, as online marketers would lead you to believe. A “brand” is, simply, your reputation. Here are the 3 keys to building a brand for your small business: Capture what … Continue reading 3 Keys to Build Your Brand

What happens when you have an apostle reading Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners? They tweet to the world how it’s changing the conversation with their clients. Write a review on Amazon. Help our 1,000,000 small business owners save their financial future. Buckle up. The best is yet to come, … Continue reading

Double #SMB Survival Rates in 2017

That’s the goal for 1 million small business owners. That’s 5% of the US small business population. That’s reaching and transforming 3,000 small businesses per day. I won’t stop. I won’t quit. I won’t give up. I won’t fess up.  I won’t shut up. I won’t stop believing. …until it happens. And it’s happening. This … Continue reading Double #SMB Survival Rates in 2017

A CPA’s Real Job

CPAs think their important job is to complete and file clients’ taxes during tax season. If you’re a CPA or bookkeeper, the most important job is to help your clients build profitability, cash flow and terminal value. Most small businesses never get there. They sell a new client, do some work, get paid for it … Continue reading A CPA’s Real Job

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