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Small Business Tips: Fuze Meeting vs. Banckle Online Meeting for Hosting Web Conferences

by Dawn Fotopulos on 2012-03-07

If your small business holds meetings or conferences, you may be considering investing in web conferencing software.

This small business tip evaluates which is better: Fuze Meeting or Banckle Online Meeting?

Best Small Biz Help recently ran an article on Fuze Meeting here.

While Fuze Meeting software costs $29 per month, Banckle Online Meeting has a-la-carte pricing.  Each web application is free up to a certain number of users/forums/attendees/operators.

After that, Banckle charges a monthly fee of $0.50 to $5.00 for each additional user/forum/attendee/operator on each application.

If your meetings tend to be small, Banckle Online Meeting may be a significantly cheaper option.  If your meetings tend to be large, Fuze Meeting will probably be cheaper.

 Here is a reminder of Fuze Meeting’s main attributes:

  • No Hardware: Fuze Meeting is Software as a Service (SaaS), or cloud-based, meaning you won’t need to buy any equipment.
  • Browser-Based: Neither you nor your attendees have to download anything in order to join meetings.  Just create an online account, add contact numbers, and click a button to dial people in using the Fuze In℠ feature.
  • HD Video: Interact with one another on the screen of your computer or mobile device with high-quality video.
  • Mobile Application: You or your invitees can use the iPhone or iPad application to join the meeting and share documents right from their mobile devices, even while the meeting is in progress.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Host or attend from an iPhones or iPad, and dial people in on their Androids or Blackberries.
  • Document Sharing: Display rich media files for everyone to see simultaneously.  Use the annotation tools to write comments on shared documents during the meeting.

Here is how Banckle compares:

  • No Hardware: Banckle’s services are in the form of applications: live chat, online meeting, feedback capture, group chat, email server, and remote access.
  • Web Application-based: Banckle Online Meeting is browser-independent.  Once you download the web applications, all you must do is click them on your desktop.
  • HD Video: Like Fuze Meeting, Banckle boast HD video stream.
  • Mobile Application: While Banckle does provide a mobile app for live chat, users are unable to share documents or host multiple attendees from this application.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: The live chat mobile app is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Group Chat: Banckle Group Chat has web-based architecture, which allows you to use it on all the popular devices, operating systems, and browsers.  You can create invite-only chat rooms or public group chat systems.
  •  Email Server: Banckle Email Server enables you to share rich multimedia files as attachments and organize your emails into folders.  This web mail server and client also have web-based architecture that makes them accessible on all the popular devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Banckle Online meeting is cheaper than Fuze Meeting choice for small business owners who host only a few attendees.  Banckle’s document sharing is not as convenient as Fuze’s, however; Fuze users can share documents onscreen in-conference, while Banckle users must email them.

Banckle also lacks mobile-specific applications.

Nevertheless, for less-committed hosts with fewer attendees, Banckle should still do the job.

Let us know what you think!

Are you a rabid Banckle fan? Do you love Fuze? Let us know your thoughts!

This article was contributed by Celina Durgin.


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