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Mobile Business Ideas: Documents To Go Mobile Application for Easy Document Sharing

by Dawn Fotopulos on 2012-03-07

Mobile applications for small business can transform the way we work.

Does this situation sound familiar?  You’re standing in line at the grocery store when you get an email on your smart phone.  It’s the document you’ve been waiting to receive from your employee.

You download it as a Word document and scan it, noticing errors or sentences that could be improved.

If your smart phone has the mobile application for Documents To Go, you can simply open the application, select the document you downloaded from the email, and annotate and edit away while you’re standing in line.  As a small business owner, you want to take advantage of those rare spare moments.

How Does Documents to Go Work?

 When you open the Documents To Go mobile application, you will see four icons on the home screen, one each for Word To Go, Sheet To Go, Slideshow To Go, and PDF To Go.

There are several ways to edit and create documents.  If you are using Sheet To Go, select a cell and enter data, or in Word To Go, just tap the screen and start typing.

Word To Go offers basic formatting options, including bold, italics, font color, and alignment.  It also offers more advanced features, like bulleted and numbered lists, tables, bookmarks, comments, footnotes, and endnotes.  You can even track changes, check word count, and use find and replace.

Sheet To Go allows you to edit spreadsheets by adding formulas, making cell comments, inserting rows, cutting and pasting, and more.  In fact, it provides most features available on a computer version of spreadsheet software.

With Slideshow To Go, you can move between slides by dragging them or via the menu and selecting Previous Slide, Next Slide, or Go to Slide. You can move slides around by selecting Slide Order in the menu.

Slideshow To Go shows you a numbered list of the slides. When you select a slide, you can reorder it using either the “Move Up” or the “Move Down” options.  To edit slides, just add, change, or delete text.

The application costs a one-time fee of either $9.99 for the regular version or $16.99 for the premium version, which includes an online/cloud document support.  It is supported on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Why Documents To Go?

 In an article on iMore, a site that reviews Apple products, user Chad Garrett said of the iPhone Documents To Go application, “If you want a very robust document creation/editing tool, look no further than Documents to Go.”

Documents To Go can give small business owners

  • convenience, with the ability to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, including those on email attachments.
  • accessibility, with access to several cloud based services for syncing documents from computers to mobile phones.
  • quality, with excellent format compatibility.

All this to say, the next time you’re sitting on a bus or waiting in the dentist’s office or standing in line, you can just open the Documents To Go mobile application for small business and start creating or editing documents.  Increase your productivity, even outside the office.  This mobile application can help your small business get more done in our on-the-go world.

This article was contributed by Celina Durgin.


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