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Small Business Marketing Help: Fran Liscio Design Website Review

by Dawn Fotopulos on 2012-02-23

If you’ve been following our small business tips for Fran Liscio Design, you’ll see we suggested she drop her current brand, “Punks and Roses”.

Her target audience is not the Berkenstock crowd still celebrating Woodstock. Having her name AND Punks and Roses is too confusing.

Last, Punks and Roses doesn’t highlight the designer.

Fran Liscio Design does. Frances Liscio and her genius; that’s the brand!

Have you ever met Fran? She is the most light hearted, funny, clever, creative person you’ll ever meet.

She can create designs that would make Hermes weep while she’s quoting Balzac in her studio.

She’s the quintessential Renaissance woman.

If you go to her website, still called, www.punksandroses.com, what do you see?

More importantly, what do you feel?

The dark grey/black background feels dark in color, but dark in spirit too.

Now look at the floral designs below.


Aren’t they amazing? Aren’t they gorgeous?

Words like brilliant, awe-inspiring, glorious, magical, poetic, romantic, ethereal come to mind.

In the middle of a recession, who doesn’t want a break from the mundane worries of everyday life? Isn’t Fran Liscio Design the perfect antidote?

Her designs literally bring you into a new dimension; a whole new world.

Here’s the other problem with keeping Punks and Roses as the brand; when you type in “punks” or “punk” into the search engines, guess what comes up?

Skulls, heavy metal rock bands, goth fashion, lots of black leather, and body piercing of every stripe.

Now look again at Fran’s designs.

Don’t you see the disconnect or is it just me?

Keep your URL simple.

Fran Liscio Designs is one of a kind.

She owns the URL. She should use it. After all, these are her brilliant inspirations.

Our final advice?

  • Get rid of Punks and Roses.
  • Call the site “Fran Liscio Design”.
  • Simplify the page.
  • Lighten up the background.

Upload a video of Fran introducing her work so you can get to know the designer.

She’s hilarious. You’d love her.

Then make it easy for visitors to take home some of that beauty to generate some revenues.

Without revenues, there will be no cash flow.

Read more of our branding recommendations here.

It’s not arrogant to promote your gifts.

Frances Pelzman Liscio is gifted indeed.

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In your corner, as always.


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