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6 Mobile Business Ideas: Using QR Codes to Find Customers

by Dawn Fotopulos on 2011-11-22

We defined what QR (quick response) codes are in our article on mobile business ideas. Now let’s look at 6 cool ways publishing a QR code can help drive more revenues to your business.

Mobile Business Idea #1: Coupons and Special Deals

Do you have a lead product you’d like people to try? If you create a QR code and publish it on a coupon, that makes it really easy for people to learn about your offer. If they buy your lead item, they’ll probably want more!

If you participate in VALPAK advertising, you should always have a QR code on your coupon. It will increase your response rates dramatically.

If you are promoting a deal on Twitter or Facebook on your website, a QR code for that deal should be published on the webpage that describes the offer.

It will increase the percentage of people who land on that page and click through.

Mobile Business Idea #2: No More Browsers- Instant URL

Develop a QR code that has your website URL behind it. Do have business cards? By all means, use a QR code to point people to your URL on your card. Gone are the days when people will be punching in letters and slashes in a browser to find you online. Scan, click, done.

Mobile Business Idea #3: Maps and Directions

Do you have a real world space and location like a restaurant or bakery? A QR code with a map of how to find you is very easy to create.  A potential customer scans the code and instantly, they can see the easiest, fastest way to  find your store and taste your yummy cookies.

Mobile Business Idea #4: Direct Mail

QR codes are ideal for direct mail pieces. When I was in the banking business, a 1% response rate was very high for direct mail. You want a great return on investment? Create a QR code with a special offer and print it on your direct mailer.

Your response rates might double or even triple. That means your cost of acquisition just dropped to one half or one third of what it would normally be. That’s a beautiful thing.

Mobile Business Idea #5: Easy Ordering

Simplify the ordering process. Print a QR code on your menu which will enable someone to scan, click, and order online. The easier, faster you make it, the greater the likelihood someone will buy.

Mobile Business Idea #6: Marketing Brochures and Materials

All your marketing materials on and offline should have QR codes people can scan to direct them to video and audio content and landing pages that describe special deals. All your printed materials should include a QR code that makes it easy for prospective customers to learn about you.

Pay attention. You’re going to start seeing these QR codes everywhere you look. Why? Because this technology makes mobile business ideas accessible to everyone on the go.

If you want an explanation of QR codes read here.

Our next article will review the companies that can create these codes to promote your small business.


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