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Best Small Business Accounting Software- Sage Peachtree

by Dawn Fotopulos on 2011-04-07

The best small business accounting software race is on! We placed a HARO request to all our small business owners out there to see what software THEY love. The response below comes to us from those wonderful candy makers at the  Davidson Chocolate Company. 

Best Small Business Accounting Software Keeps The Berries Coming...


Here’s what Sue Elliot had to say was her Best Small Business Accounting Software- and why.

“I am a former accountant for a large company that used Great Plains, Great Plains Dynamics, and Real World before it was swallowed.

I didn’t like the QuickBooks approach as I couldn’t get as much detail as I wanted.

Maneuverability was important and “making it simple” was not. I wanted to be able to dig for information not have a program decide for me how “easy” accounting could be.

Best Small Business Accounting Software frees you up to do what you love!

I initially tried to make Peachtree more difficult by thinking of “modules” that fit together and fed into each other as Great Plains does.

After my very complete training call, I was able to immediately have complete confidence that my work was being handled correctly.

The extra advantage is the comfort factor that Sage gives with their product support. Should it be needed, the customer support group is fantastic.

I have been using the Sage products since 2007 and in the few phone calls I have made, there hasn’t yet been a representative that lacked complete product knowledge to get me the answer the first time and quickly.

Other companies have tried to sell me their products but gave up quickly when they found I am using Sage.

Best Small Business Accounting Software Keeps the Delicious in the Business!

My husband handled accounting on the unit level of his former “life” and loves how quickly he gets the information .

We make very few corrections (user error) and the bookwork has become an easy area of our business. We are a handmade chocolate shop and as much as I love accounting, my time now is very limited for desk work.

Best Small Business Accounting Software Makes Weddings Easy!


Sage is a very large company that works hard to make you feel taken care of as if you were their only customer.

This is so rare today that once one works with Sage, you can’t help but rave about them!


Questions? Feel free to email me!


John and Sue Elliott


Davidson – 610 Jetton Street, Suite 150, Davidson, NC 28036 704-896-7245

Dilworth – 1235A East Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28203 704-817-9314


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