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What Is Cash Flow? Free Wave Accounting Software to the Rescue!

by Dawn Fotopulos on 2011-03-14

What is cash flow? How do you keep track of it?

Rob Maurin of Wave Accounting Software said they’ve got the answer and the proof!

Rob answered our HARO request (more like an SOS) to help small business owners find easy accounting software. Here’s what he said:

“Let me start with something a customer posted to our Facebook page the other day (unsolicited):
“I started up my own home biz this year (an LLC) and today I picked up the dreaded QuickBooks. I’m so glad I found you BEFORE I broke open that package. It’s being returned tomorrow and my bank account will be singing praises. I look forward to setting up our accounting through Wave!”
Wave is a very new online accounting program for small businesses. We LAUNCHED ON NOVEMBER 16, BUT HAVE ALREADY PASSED THE 5,000-SIGN-UP MARK.

There are various things that make Wave a great alternative to Quickbooks which, as you note, is still the dominant player in the industry. I’ll give you a bunch of points here, in brief, but I’d be more than happy to go into as much detail as you want, at your convenience.
– Wave is for small businesses. Most accounting packages build in tools that will work for a wide variety of businesses, for fear of missing a market segment.

Wave, on the other hand, is all about serving OWNER-OPERATED BUSINESS, 9 EMPLOYEES OR LESS. We limit our focus to helping those specific businesses, and in doing so we are able to provide a much better experience for the non-accountant.

Will a customer outgrow Wave? Some might, and thats OK. We’ll make it easy for them to transition to another tool when the time comes. But in the meantime, well focus on what they need today.
– Wave is 100% FREE. Free now, free tomorrow, free always, no matter how much you use the tools we provide.
– The smaller the business, the more likely it is that PERSONAL AND BUSINESS FINANCES start to blend. You use the company credit card to buy diapers for your baby; you use the personal credit card to pay for a printer for the office.

Most accounting tools get tripped up with this kind of thing, because its an accounting no-no. But Wave was built for the reality of a small business owners life.

Every Wave account allows you to track your personal spending and your business spending, all in the same place, and all for free. There’s no other accounting app that does this, period.
– Wave has a full set of features, all designed to be easy for the small biz owner.





Like any good accounting app these days, Wave can CONNECT WITH YOUR BANK OR CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT (optional), and bring in your transactions so that you can avoid the manual entry of expenses and deposits.

Unlike most other apps, even this is FREE IN WAVE, no matter how many transactions you have.
Since we’re so new and still building momentum, I wanted to make sure to let you know what were doing. I’ll leave it at that for now, but if you have any questions, please give me a shout:rob@waveaccounting.com

(we’re based in Toronto, but serve the entire North American market with a focus on the U.S. You can actually use Wave with any currency and any taxes, so in that sense were global, but our bank integration is most comprehensive in North America)
Here are some more unsolicited testimonials Wave Software received recently. You’ll find them, and more, on their Facebook and Twitter pages at the bottom. Hey, go on Facebook. Ask the users yourself! It’s free accounting software that’s easy to use. Wonderful!

“I just found out about Wave Accounting and I am IN LOVE!!!! This is the perfect solution for me, and I am SO excited to start using it!! I highly recommend this to anyone who owns a small business but isnt so knowledgeable about book keeping! :)”
“So far I really like using Wave Accounting. Super easy and I feel so organized.”

“http://WaveAccounting.com saves me tons of time! Now I focus on my actual work and less on managing my business. Thanks @waveaccounting”
“Small biz hot tip: Wave Accounting. No more shoebox, no more guessing, no more messy (financial) books.”
“Loving my new small business accounting service!! @WaveAccounting you rock! ”
“This is making my life easier, seriously”
“Falling in love with #waveaccounting …one automatic accounting entry at a time :)” http://facebook.com/waveaccounting http://twitter.com/waveaccounting

And there are some customer profiles, with more details, here:http://waveaccounting.com/category/customer-profiles/
Rob— Rob Maurin
Director of Product & CommunityWave Accounting

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