Download Our 20 Minute Profit Cheat Sheet

In less than 20 minutes I'll show you how you can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your profitability. 

In my "20 Minute Profit Cheat Sheet" I cover:

  • The 3 pricing benchmarks - and where your prices needs to be relative to these three pricing methods.
  • How your closure rate can tell you if you're underpricing your services.  
  • What your gross margin should be - and why anything less puts the long term viability of your business at risk.  
  • How a small raise in your unit pricing can help you leverage a big increase in net revenue.  
  • How you can make your prices irrelevant to your ideal customer - and why underpricing your competitors is a losing strategy.

50% More Profit in 4 Weeks

50% More Profit in 4 Weeks was piloted through the Woodard Institute in 2016 to rave reviews. It is the only course online that takes accounting professionals through a proven 4 weeks road map with their business clients to grow profits in record time. 

This program also walks the accounting professional through how to expand their practice and their profitability by becoming a business therapist. According to Jim B., a 40 year veteran CPA and Intuit ProAdvisor, "There's nothing like this on the web. Nothing. It's gold."

You'll learn...

  • How to close new business within two weeks using this program. 
  • How to get your small business owners up to speed understanding their financials within one week without you having to tutor them to prepare them for the success you'll show them.  
  • How to analyze the three key areas of any business where profits are always hiding and how to build an action plan to unlock them in record time.

"OMG I died and went to heaven. My client finally understands what I've been trying to tell them for 15 years." Julie G, CPA

"This is why I became an accounting professional; to make a real difference in the lives of my small business clients." Jim B, CPA

"Dawn doesn't just tell us what to do, she tells up step by step how to work with our clients even if we're not good salespeople. I can do this and be very successful at it." Hal R, CPA

Small Business Made Easy

An online course for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What if it was possible to double your profit while working half as hard? 

It is possible - and now it's your turn.

In 'Small Business Made Easy' Dawn Fotopulos will demonstrate how you can maximize Profit, Cash Flow and Net Worth in your business - step by step. 

This online training was develeoped by working with thousands of business owners through face to face workshops, webinars and conference break out sessions.

Throughout this online course you'll be supported by an army of experts that care deeply about you mastering the material and seeing you apply it in your business for maximum effect.

This is what every business owner needs to know and never learned. 

"I can’t wait to see my financials now. It’s like Christmas morning.Fertility Specialist/Entrepreneur  

“Dawn showed me my business wasn’t hopeless! She saved me from making really expensive mistakes.” Etsy Seller

“If you want to drop the 'starving' from 'artist' you need to learn this stuff. It changed my life in two weeks. I couldn’t believe it." Graphic Designer

A Must-Read Book For Small Business Owners

If you own your own small business, but hate dealing with numbers and accounting, Accounting for the Numberphobic, A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners by Dawn Fotopulos is a must-read.

  • With this step-by-step book, you’ll… 
  • Learn how to tell if your business is definitively showing a profit. 
  • Know what to before a crisis hits when you’re NOT showing a profit. 
  • Understand “gross margin” and why it’s the key to running a profitable company. 
  • Find new and creative no-cost ways to collect on your outstanding invoices. 
  • Discover exactly how to handle increasing debt and work with your bank.  

Illustrated with wit and humor by Ron Bucalo, a 20 year Disney veteran, illustrates each chapter with wit and humor that makes a brittle topic like accounting fun and engaging to read. 

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