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Mobile Applications for Small Businesses: Have you downloaded Bump yet?

by Dawn Fotopulos on 2012-04-03

Our reporter on the beat, Celina Durgin, brings us this latest on mobile applications for small business brings to streamline your life.

What’s next for business cards in an age of smartphones and contact lists?  How can you ensure that customers or colleagues will transfer your contact information from your card onto their phones?

Bump, the hugely successful—and completely free—mobile application enables you as a small business owner to exchange contact info or photos with someone. You can even enter the info into each other’s iPhone, iTouch, iPad, or Android automatically.

It can be used instead of business cards, which are easily lost, and allows you and another person to share information with each other simultaneously. Great when you’re at a conference!

How Does Bump It Work?

It’s easy…and more fun than a no-nonsense small business owner like you might be willing to admit…

You and the other person will tap the Bump mobile app on your touchscreens, hold your phones, and bump knuckles with each other. Your phone will vibrate when you bump, and then the other person’s name and photo will appear on your phone.

If your phone doesn’t vibrate, you probably aren’t bumping firmly enough. (Keep it G-rated, OK?)

If you update your contact information in Bump, it won’t be automatically sent to everyone you’ve bumped. You can, however, remotely send your new contact information to anyone you have previously bumped without having to bump them again.

To change any information, press the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the contact card on the home screen and type the new information.

Both people Bumping must have the application in order to exchange information. You probably already knew that.

Why Bump?

  • Why not Bump?  It’s free, easy, and convenient.
  • Make sharing information easier.  If you constantly trade numbers and email addresses during your work day, consider downloading Bump to make the trade more quickly.
  • Improve communication.  Some people have huge stashes of business cards stuffed in drawers, forgotten, and soon thrown out.  Use Bump to guarantee that your info ends up on your customers’ and colleagues’ contact lists.

Bump isn’t a complex, expensive, or especially life-changing mobile application, but it is cool, useful, free, and it only requires a quick download.  Consider adding it to your smartphone to improve communication and save even a little time for your small business.

Thanks, Celina!


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